Fight fight fight!

Been down and out and totally off track. Gained weight. The whole cycle. Yo yo dieting sucks. We went on vacation and I thought I could maintain during it because of all the swimming but…sigh…nope. I gotta be stronger. I need to fight! Gonna keep this short today and move forward.

Starting a new week and am focused and determined to lose this week! My goal is 2 lbs minimum (maybe more??)

My kids have been loving these little suckers. They have actually been helping my cravings. They have sugar but I’ll take 35 calories over 300 mindless snacking calories if they help!

4th of July went great. We hung up a flag finally!

So far today, I had apple slices with cheese, coffee, tea, and yes….2 cookies. But, while grocery shopping, I kept myself from buying extra cookies, ice cream, and sweets as I usually do. It became a habit because I would say things like “The kids like them, they want them” etc. But… in reality, the kids only eat a couple and who binges the rest??? I was also tempted to order a pastry from Starbucks on the way home.


Just because I was tired from shopping and wanted it. I told myself no. I have to admit, it really felt like I had a split personality. I have the firm side of me that said “No you don’t need it, why?” Then the other side whined and threw a tantrum about it. “just this once, come oooon!!”


Well, I stood firm and didn’t do it. Got home and guess what? I didn’t miss it. The craving passed and I feel strong and proud! I’m so happy about it. The little things WILL add up. I will blog again. Blogging helps! I can take 5-10 minutes to write about my day and goals to keep me centered and will. At least every other day (how many times have I said this?) Anyway, I’m done rambling. Until next time!

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