Struggling and addicted….need to get a handle. Day 1…again

Well, I have to get this out there. I’m an addict. A food addict. Also, a beer addict as well. I admit it. In a stressful mom life, I motivate myself with chocolate, food, and beer. Thank goodness I stay away from the harder stuff, but this is equally as bad.

I measured my blood pressure at a CVS with my kids a bit back and it was….not good. Really jolted me. Even then, I still didn’t change. That was over a month ago. I’ve felt lost again. Out of control, and unsure how to regain control. This has been going on since our vacation out of country last summer. I have almost gained all the weight I lost back. I’m upset. I could be close to my goal weight by now….but I’m not.

I guess this is a good step. Writing things out. Not for others, but for myself. I have been making goals and lists and things but…without drive and motivation…it’s tough. I’ve been giving up as depressing as that sounds. Sometimes it’s just easier to take a break…but I know that is the WRONG mindset. These are not the right thoughts that I need. What I need is to have a schedule and incorporate healthy habits in my daily life. I can’t just say “nah, don’t feel like it. I’m too angry. I’m too sad” etc. This is going to worsen my health and mentality.

Anyway, enough with the negativity. I want to be more positive. I want to regain my motivation. The fake it until you make it saying.

For mothers day, hubby got me these shoes. Been using them more now that I’m exercising more often again. My goal is to at least walk 5 days a week and get activity such as cleaning every day each week.
My other goal is to blog more. I’ve said this before but didn’t follow up.
Happy Friday!

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