Struggling big time

I have been gone a while. I really let things take control of me. Instead of taking things slow and losing half a pound at a time or even maintaining, I gained a bunch of the weight back I worked so hard to lose last year. I keep trying to vlog again but I always make excuses.

My health hasn’t been great either. I took my blood pressure and it was high. It has never been high. It’s usually too low actually. So, I really need to gain control again. I made a pact with a good friend of mine to do things together and lose weight by next year for a trip. So far, I’ve barely tried. I have to keep myself accountable so I’m going to do better. For me, for everyone around me.

55-minute morning walk
48 min treadmill walk
6 min abs
Food: -_- fair
1 hr 15 min walk
Food: so far fair

I’m going to chart my activity and try to track food calories. As of now, I haven’t been tracking and just put “fair” or “poor” if I binge or something. I hope that writing things out helps make it a habit and I’ll slowly get into tracking calories as well.

I got a long walk in this morning but it has been tough. I can feel the heaviness and how out of shape I’ve been. I will report again tomorrow but due to time, chores, kids, etc, it might be short. Longer blogs probably 1-2 times per week.

Happy Wednesday

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